The New Scandi? Meet Asian Minimalism…

Scandinavian minimalism has been the go-to for interior style inspiration since the 2000s with the behemoth that is IKEA becoming omnipresent in living rooms across Australia. Yet the principles of balance, functionality and sustainability have existed for over 4000 years in Eastern design… and are now seeing a resurgence in trend-leading Australian homes. Asian minimalism modernises the ancient practices of Japanese Zen and Chinese Feng Shui to create interiors that are both a sanctuary from the bustle of the outside world, as well as purposeful, uncluttered and oh-so-stylish.  

Natural materials are brought to the fore in Asian Minimalism… bamboo, pine, ash, stone and raw concrete are layered to create texture without compromising the beauty of the material itself. The subtle colour palette favoured in Asian Minimalism is natural and neutral, purposely enhanced by accents of wood, to ensure that the room is soothing and inviting. These spaces are not sparse or cold despite the lack of decoration, rather the combination of materials and colour create a home that is a calming respite from the outside chaos.

Inbuilt storage solutions and multifunctional furniture are also a feature of Asian Minimalism. To paraphrase the decluttering guru Marie Kondo: “All objects in our home should be functional and bring us joy”, therefore only select pieces are displayed on open shelves, with everything else tucked away to keep living spaces calm and unburdened.

Asian Minimalism can also be easily blended with other interior design styles to create spaces that are truly unique. The natural tones and clean lines make the perfect base to which accents of your own choosing can be added. Mid-century modern furniture can add a pop of colour, sunken floors can reinvent a 70s vibe, or paired-back fixtures can be highlighted to create a more industrial space.

Asian minimalism is a style perfect for our modern lifestyles… space efficient, calming and endlessly adaptable, the principles of balance and sustainability can turn your room into a sanctuary.  

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