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Each tray in the Fibrewood collection is unique. The natural flax fibres and wood flakes are pressed and hand lacquered where they fall creating a scattered pattern and layers of colour. The reclaimed wood flakes are recycled from local traditional Taiwanese carpenters reflecting Studio Lim’s devotion to sustainability in both materials and craftsmanship tradition. The raised edge means that the trays are perfect for storing keys, jewellery or stationary, and can be stacked to provide an elegant storage solution for smaller items.  

Each tray is individually packaged in a luxury box designed by Studio Lim, making it the perfect gift.

Studio Lim uses modern technology to explore Taiwanese craft traditions and present them to the consumer in a new light. They help us discover a renewed idea of traditional Taiwanese aesthetics, enhanced by sustainable choices of materials, technology and craft.

Exclusively presented in Australia by SCHÖN.

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