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The Float Mirror looks like it is hovering in mid-air, providing a lightweight, dreamy elegance to any room. The separation between the front and back sections of the mirror also allows for clothing to be hung within the mirror itself.

Some light assembly is required to put the mirror together. All pieces and screws needed, as well as instructions are included with the mirror.

Chihong believe that geometry doesn’t have to be dull: it can be the perfect highlight for everyday spaces and improve the atmosphere of a room through it’s functional beauty. Playing with minimalist principles, Chihong keep their designs simple and unadorned. However, by using colour and negative space in a unique way, they bring vibrancy and imagination to the design of each product.

Exclusively presented in Australia by SCHÖN.


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Weight 11.4 kg
Dimensions 38 × 8 × 160 cm

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