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The Float Bar Stool makes it look like you’re floating in mid air. The seat appears suspended above the base of the chair, bringing a touch of imagination and lightness to your home. This illusion is functional as well as magical – the gap created between the two sections of the stool creates a storage space for your morning newspaper, books and magazines.

The Float Bar Stool is exquisitely crafted in powder-coated steel.

Chihong believe that geometry doesn’t have to be dull: it can be the perfect highlight for everyday spaces and improve the atmosphere of a room through it’s functional beauty. Playing with minimalist principles, Chihong keep their designs simple and unadorned. However, by using colour and negative space in a unique way, they vibrancy and imaginative fun to the design of each product.

Exclusively presented in Australia by SCHÖN.

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Dimensions 35 × 35 × 76 cm

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