STIMLIG know how to make furniture that people want. Having reached their crowdsourcing goal in just one month to finance their first piece, this international team has continually strived to create furniture that compliments and improves our lives. Presented for the first time in Australia by SCHÖ, we spoke to Jasmine Wu, co-founder, about what separates STIMLIG from the pack.

Each member of the STIMLIG team comes from a different cultural background. How did you all meet?

The STIMLIG team is truly international, and we use that internationality as our main source of inspiration. Darya Zuyeza is a Belarus-born multidisciplinary designer based in Paris, and she always tells me that “design is seduction via objects”. We met when we were classmates in Innovation and Product Management Programme of University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. I was there studying design, information technology and management.

After obtaining his masters degree in Industrial Design at the National Cheng Kung University, my other co-founder Ryan Meng went to Prague, CVUT for further study in Architecture. It was there Ryan met French architect Guillaume Thomas – and our team was complete!

What brought you all together?

We all wanted to design something that can really influence people’s everyday lives, not just a fancy concept that looks cool or can win lots awards. Furniture is an object that relates to people’s’ lives and can change the way how people live and create the atmosphere of the space, so we want to start from this object. With different cultural backgrounds, we have more perspectives when working together, and we each bring something new to the design.

Tell me more about STIMLIG’s first design, the Ballerina armchair.

The Ballerina series began as a university project of Ryan and Guillaume. Their assignment was to design a piece inspired by an experience they had had during their stay in Prague… and they chose the performance of the ballet they had seen at the National Theatre. Ryan and Guillaume transformed the movement of the dancers into the joins and forms of the armchair. For us, designs relate to stories, not just the matter of aesthetic or material beauty.

The first piece of the series, the Ballerina armchair raised 70,000 USD on a Taiwanese crowdfunding site within 1 month, at a time when no one believed that we could sell this type of furniture online. After the success of the Ballerina armchair, proving that there is the market for our product, we officially launched STIMLIG in 2015.

What other artists/designers inspire you?

Ilsle Crawford was the first editor in chief of Elle Decoration. Through this magazine she shared her unique spirit of design with people through elaborate words, using her own life story in a really powerful way. Crawford then founded the multidisciplinary design studio Studioilse, where she is able to articulate her own perspective through interior design and the projects she undertakes. Her philosophy is to design furniture and products that match the space and create better life for people who use them. This is also founding principle for STIMLIG.

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